Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday -- Return to the USA

Saturday has its mixed emotions. We are happy to head home and see friends and family but leaving the friends we have made in Belize is hard also. After breakfast we take the team photo, stop for a brief shopping trip and head to the airport. It has been a rewarding week with the opportunity to serve the Belizian people and learn a lot about the country. May God bless this country. We thank all who have followed our adventure and supported us with your prayers.  BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage

Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday in Belize

Our Thursday and Friday brigades were 
at San Antonio Pentecostal School.

The school rooms were as 
neat as a pin!

The Belizean flag.

Working in the rain again today
for a short while.

Optical was especially busy today.

Dr. Bourbon and Sarah, RN

Mateo and cousin Rebecca were very 
helpful translators and especially 
appreciated by Debbie.

Our after-brigade adventure to 
Big Rock Falls.
What a hill and what a thrill!

The peaceful end of the Falls.

WGO Belize Team 3916, friends for life!
Our brigade host and hostess, 
Kelly and Beverly.

Friday, our last day in Belize.

Today we got to spend our last day at a school giving medical care and sharing the word of God with children and parents. On our way home we stopped at Big Rock Falls. It was BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage a great adventure! One of the many beautiful sights to be seen in Belize.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday in Belize

Debbie's friends trying to stay dry.

The bus ride to the city of San Antonio
near the Guatemala border.

Registration forms used at the school to sign up for medical or optical treatment.

Three students in their school uniforms.

The rain today didn't dampen any of our spirits.

There were over 200 students at this school.

Aftermath  of the rain.

Steve at the Registration table.

Debbie and Martha at the little gift shop area.

This gift shop right next to the school  sold pottery and jewelry. 

Thursday in San Antonio near Guatemala border

Today we traveled about an hour and twenty minutes to a small town near the Guatemala border called San Antonio. We worked in a school and had a chance to check many of the children  BloggerImage BloggerImageas well as adults from the town. The town has not had a medical team in eight years. The kids were very fun to have around us. A thankful and gracious community.  BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wednesday in Belize

The ride to the beach took us through the rainforest.

We stopped at a bakery for cinnamon rolls, and there were many flowers there. 

The Jaguar Reef Resort was beautiful. 

Kelly, our brigade leader, took us on catamaran rides.

The Caribbean Sea.
We ate lunch at the Resort. Yum!
We took a walk along the beach.
There weren't many people there.

A rather large lizard, about 1.5 feet long.

The hamburgers for dinner were great!
After a long day and after dinner at a hamburger place, we
boarded the bus for our mission site.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday in Belize

This little boy would not stop

This cat had very blue eyes and we saw
several cats.

Brand new glasses for this little girl.

Christy dispensing meds.

Anthony working in optical.

Martha in evangelism.

Kelly, our brigade leader, the Chicken

The bano.